Polwell – Your partner in daily work


The company’s history begins on June 20, 1990 with the reception of the document stating the official start of the company with a registered office in Biale Blota near Bydgoszcz by three acquaintances: Waldemar Kotecki, Rodryg Grzelak i Walenty Wolff.


Initially, they planned to supply the hairdressers from Bydgoszcz and its surroundings mainly. However, the rapid expansion of the company made it become one of the most prominent hairdressing accessories and products distributors in the country in a short space of time. It has been the constantly expanding offer, including acknowledged hair brands such as Wella or Londa already in the early 1990s, that has mostly influenced the company’s development. Polwell’s assortment has been growing quite fast and it has been expanded by the products of the following prestigious Western brands: Moser, Witte, Valera, Mila, Mila technic, Nails Expert, Tondeo, Olivia Garden, artego, Montibello and Kemon.


In 1992, Polwell changed its office location to Bydgoszcz, where the company’s countrywide expansion began. The company has been opening its branches in Polish major cities, and today, apart from the head office in Bydgoszcz, there are several dozen of them in Poland, which enables lightning-fast delivery of the ordered goods. Furthermore, within the framework of the organization, Polwell Group cooperates with a network of hairdressing wholesale warehouses and shops.


As a thriving company, practically since its beginning Polwell has not only been a seller, but it has also been an initiator of many innovative undertakings. In 1995, as the first wholesaler in Poland, Polwell is responsible for the publication of a professional Hairdressing Sector Catalogue – an essential element for every working hairdresser. The Catalogue wins significant recognition within the hairdressing trade, and it continues to be issued on a regular yearly basis. Three years later, in 1998, hairdressing salon owners are given a free hairdressing quarterly Hair Club – Porozmawiajmy o Włosach (“Hair Club – Let’s Talk about Hair”) , from which they can learn about latest trends, hairstyles, training courses, trade fairs etc. Just as in the case of the Hairdressing Sector Catalogue, the magazine is published up to the present day and it is highly popular with hairdressers.


Along with the arrival of the era of the Internet, Polwell is the first Polish company to launch a hairdressing web portal. On its pages, one can find current hairdressing news, information on fairs and training courses, hairdressing event coverages, interesting pictures, latest fashion and hairstyles. Polwell is not only responsible for selling goods. The company is also engaged in providing education and information in the hairdressing sector. Polwell never ceases to expand its offer.


Today, Polwell offers a range of over 8 500 products from cosmetics, through fittings and equipment, to special programming supporting a hairdressing salon management. The company offers all it takes to run a hairdressing salon, and more besides. Within its wide assortment, you will find professional hair care, nail lengthening and decoration products, and solarium cosmetics.