Polwell – Your partner in daily work


We learn from the very first day of our lives. Every day, we gain new experiences. Polwell amounts to 1 757 110 days (or 4 814 years) of knowledge acquirement. Is this much? It is an abstract number if one takes into account an individual’s life. However, in the case of a team, the assessment depends on its size. At Polwell, there are about 250 people, which means that, on average, each of us has been learning for 11 483 days. Our mean age is thirty-one. Is this much? In this instance, the judgment is more dependant on whether we are below or above the number, and, in addition, the fact that we differ in age is not without significance. Certainly, we are going to learn a lot from the surprises of the future days.



Let’s stay with the numbers which help describe us:
45% of the Polwell team are women. Men, who constitute a majority, are, on average, one year older than their female colleagues. We will remain tactful and will not reveal the ladies’ age. It should be enough to say that all of them are young and beautiful.



There are 4 marriages and 5 siblings working at Polwell. Even though we are young, there are 3 families represented by 2 generations among us.



We are thankful for the passing year and the shared experiences we have gained together. At the same time, we wish the next year brings you 365 days of success.



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