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Product range

Polwell has one of the richest and widest trade offers for hairdressers in Poland. The list of products that we have on offer is constantly expanding. We keep on adding new brands which are successfully launched in Polish market by our company. As a result, in the Polwell shops, wholesale warehouses and branches one can find excellent, universal brand-name hairdressing articles at competitive prices. Our range offers quality products designed for the use of professional hairdressers and stylists. The hairdressers and stylists who take care of comfortable conditions and Customers’ good mood, and above all, perfect appearance and health of the Customer’s hair. Our hairdressing accessories are scissors, hairbrushes, rollers, hairdressing cosmetics, and professional hair colors. Moreover, our Customers can choose from a variety of salon equipment and extensive fittings which can be especially attractive for those hairdressers who plan to open an up-to-date hair salon, or the ones who wish to change or freshen up its decor. Within our range of products, Customers will find smart hairdressing furniture, including comfortable modern hairdressing chairs, washpoints, and a whole lot of other important accessories essential in daily work of every master of hairdressing.


To learn more about our range of products, download the Hairdressing Sector Catalogue.